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Best Fixed Rate Package Best Fixed Deposit Pegged Rates Best Variable Package
1st Year 1.88% Fixed Rate Nett 1.88% Fixed FD Pegged       Nett 1.90% variable Variable Rate       Nett 1.65% variable
2nd Year 1.88% Fixed Rate Nett 1.88% Fixed FD Pegged      Nett 1.90% variable Variable Rate      Nett 1.67% variable
3rd Year 2.20% variable    Nett 2.20% variable FD Pegged       Nett 1.90% variable Variable Rate      Nett 1.69% variable
Thereafter 3.40% variable    Nett 3.40% variable FD Pegged       Nett 1.90% variable Variable Rate      Nett 3.38% variable
  • Stable monthly installment
  • Protection against increase
    of interest rates
  • Variable rate based on bank’s
    fixed deposit rate
  • Fixed deposit rates are published
    on bank’s website
  • Better interest rate than fixed rate
  • A market rate determined by the Bank 
  • A package that is pegged to market
    condition would reduce should
    interest rate reduces
  • Higher interest compared to
    variable rate
  • No advantage if the interest
    rate decreases
  • Bank can change the fixed
    deposit rate anytime 
  • Variable rates are subjected to
    risk increase of interest rates
  • Not as transparent as SIBOR
  • Would be impacted immediately
    should interest rates increases
Who We Are Loan Eligibility (In-Principal Approval)

Prior to committing to a property purchase, it would be prudent to secure an In-Principle Approval from a Bank.

Factors that influence your loan outcome includes:

1. Number of Housing Loans
2. Average age of borrowers
3. Fixed and variable income (Including bonus/allowances/rental)
4. Financial Assets (Stocks and Shares/Cash/Unit Trusts/Bonds)
5. Liabilities (Car loans/property loans/personal loans/Credit card Usage)
6. Company liabilities

We structure your loan based on your unique financial needs.

Who We Are Residential Property Home Loan

Buying a private residential property/HDB or refinance your housing loan? It would be prudent to ensure that a suitable housing loan is chosen based on individual needs. Interest rates, flexility to reduce the loan, loan tenor and features of property loan options could be mind boggling.

Equity Solution seeks to simplify your finances and provide a one stop solution.

Home Loans options include:

1) SIBOR – Singapore Interbank Offer Rate
2) SOR – Swap Offer Rate
3) Internal Bank Board Rates
4) Fixed Rates
5) Fixed Deposit Linked Rates

Who We Are Commercial & Industrial Property Loan

We provide advisory on the pros and cons on buying under personal capacity or company. We compare and provide the best financial solution for your commercial property purchase.

Commercial/Industrial Property Loans options include:

1) SIBOR – Singapore Interbank Offer Rate
2) SOR – Swap Offer Rate
3) Internal Bank Board Rates
4) Fixed Rates
5) Fixed Deposit Linked Rates
6) Interest servicing loans

Who We Are Construction / Land Loan

We provide financing solutions on rebuilding or A&A on your land/landed property. The process of applying for a construction loan could be a daulting process and at Equity Solution, we simplify the process for your convenience.

Who We Are Bridging Loan

In the event of selling and buying property concurrently, you may need additional financing such as bridging loan apart from the housing loan. The process of applying for a bridging loan is critical as the timeline/procedures for the both the purchase and sale of property must be well planned. At Equity Solution, we will assist you on the entire process.

Who We Are Home Equity Loan
(Private and Commerical Properties)

Home Equity loan could be obtained for your personal needs such as business expansion, children’s education and car loan etc. Interest rates are the same as housing loan, and hence could be the lowest personal loan one could possibly get. Quantum of loan depends on your outstanding loan on your property and property valuation. Speak to us for a comprehensive consultation.

Option for Property Loan Advisory

LOAN TYPE: New Purchase Refinance
Property Type:
Status of property:
Purchase Status: